Islamic Nikah Wedding Package

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Islamic Nikah Wedding Package in Seychelles.

This marriage package is for couples of the Muslim religion. Muslim couples can get married at one of the two mosques on Mahè island.

Marriage services included:

  • Guidance and Assistance
  • Reserving Wedding Date and Time
  • Official Islamic wedding held by local Imam
  • 2 male Muslim witnesses
  • Fresh tropical flower bouquet for the Bride & pin for the Groom
  • Wedding Certificate with Apostille
  • Letter of Authentication
  • Documents certified by Notary
  • Attested by the UAE Embassy in Seychelles

For couples of mixed religion, please contact us.

– Bridal hairstyling 120 EUR
– Bridal make-up 80 EUR
– Live musician for the ceremony 180 EUR
– Videographer for the ceremony and photoshoot 500 EUR

Prices valid from 01. Nov 2020 – 31. Oct. 2021

Quick Info

Nikah Wedding
Reserving Date & Time
Fees included
Documents included
Package Price 950 EUR