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The Fast and Easy way for UAE Expats to get legally married – Expat Wedding Seychelles

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You’ll get all wedding documents, so you can register your marriage in UAE





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UAE Expat Wedding Seychelles

The Fast & Easy way to get legally married.



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Fast Wedding Process

Fast Procedure

We are flexible. Just contact us, we get you married in no time. You may combine your stay with some relaxing day for your honeymoon

Easy Wedding in 2 Steps

We keep things simple

There are just 2 steps to get started, select a wedding package and drop us a message, we take care of the rest.

Wedding valid in UAE and worldwide

Wedding documents are valid worldwide & UAE

Once you are back in UAE, you just have to register your marriage in Dubai.

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Getting Married in Seychelles
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by Anthony & Kaajal on Expat-Wedding-Seychelles.com
Thank you

What can we write about you people????

Thank you, thank you guys for this! We had a wedding at a lonely beach away from the tourist hotspots. Our day was more than we had ever imagined! A huge thank you and hug to you guys!!!

Anthony & Kaajal

Great service and helpful

If you plan to have a nice wedding on the beach in Seychelles they will take care of everything. I must mention - with their assistance we just had to show up to our wedding, they took care of everything,. We had to do the registration in Dubai, which worked out pretty smooth.

Me and my husband had wonderful ceremony at Takamaka beach. We can’t wait to see the photos!

Shamita + Daniel

You guys are so great

First, they were supportive throughout the entire process and patiently answered all our doubts. Second, they offered also us a package adjusted to our needs and budget. Third, thank you so much and God bless you all!

Best wishes
Sheena & Jassim

Our marriage in Seychelles

My husband and I always envisioned getting down from Dubai to Seychelles having an intimate wedding at a beach. You have been exactly what we were looking for. You have been super patient with all our questions during the planning process and during the days just prior to our wedding. I do highly recommend them, they are very professional and very nice people, too.


Highly Recommended Wedding Service!

My fiancé and I were tentative at first because we had no idea what a Seychelles marriage would be like, but as we have been in need to get married as soon as possible we decided to go with Expat Wedding Company. Mireille and her team were professional, organized, and a absolute pleasure to deal with.

We’re now married and it was a smooth and fast process.

I highly recommend you use their service.

Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!

// Karan

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Wedding Planner for you UAE expat wedding Seychelles

Expat Wedding Seychelles. You are residing in the Middle-East in one of the GCC countries? Especially in UAE expatriates will have difficulties to get married because of your nationality or religion. Come to VISA-FREE Seychelles for a few days to get legally married in a short time.

We did marry in the past many expat couples from all GCC countries. Most of the wedding couples did come from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Typical for this couples is their different nationality and may religion. Those couples can not get married in GCC countries due the strict regulations.

Marriage in Seychelles for UAE residents is a hassle-free procedure

Getting married in Seychelles is a hassle-free procedure. UAE residents with none forms also binational couples can get married straightforward without problems. We offer you the full document package which includes: Wedding Certificate with the Apostille from the Supreme Court of Seychelles, Lettér of Authentication and the attested documents by the UAE embassy in Seychelles.

Above all, most importantly, the civil marriage conducted in Seychelles is valid and accepted worldwide. Once you get officially married in Seychelles your wedding will be recognized in any country.

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Easy Expat wedding Seychelles and marriage registration in UAE

With the above mentioned documents your marriage will be accepted by the U.A.E. authorities. Firstly, we process all the wedding documents as fast as we can. Above all, after your return to   UAE you can immediately register the marriage.

If necessary apply for a spouse visa or /and register with your embassy. For couples on a short stay, we can send the documents by FedEx courier with tracking to your address.

  1. Official Wedding Certificate issued by Government of Seychelles
  2. Apostille issued by Supreme Court of Seychelles
  3. Letter of Authentication issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. UAE embassy attestation

Required documents for your official marriage in Seychelles

You send us scans of the required documents by e-mail, then we start the formalities with Civil Office.
Please bring copies of the original documents for verification purpose to Seychelles.

In most cases this documents are sufficient to get married in Seychelles:

  • Copies of your passports
  • Copies of your birth certificates

If you were married before you must provide a copy of your divorce decree/decree absolute.
If widowed: Please provide death certificate of former spouse.
If you had your name changed, you have to provide a legal document.

All documents must be in English or French language. In case your documents are in another language you have to arrange for certified translations of the documents. The translation don’t need a Apostille.

Things you need to know to getting married in Seychelles

We  visit you after your arrival in Seychelles and discuss the last details about your special day. We ensure a memorable and romantic wedding day. Our full-service makes sure that you can enjoy your important day hassle free.

The civil marriage ceremony is being conducted in English or French by a official Seychelles’ Registrar. The procedure is in accordance with the Seychelles’ Law. The wedding is held on a lovely beach, at the hotel or may any other suitable venue. There is no need for you to visit the Civil Status office at all.

Complimentary Witnesses for your Wedding

In case you are traveling alone, we provide two witnesses for the official wedding ceremony free of charge. Wedding ceremonies are held weekdays from Monday to Friday. If you wish to get married on a weekend or public holiday a special permit is needed and a additional fee applies.

Entry Formalities Seychelles

There are no visa requirements to enter Seychelles – SEYCHELLES IS VISA FREE. You have to provide the following documents after arrival to the immigration officer to get a visitor’s permit (free for 3 months) at the Seychelles International Airport:

  • Passport, valid at least 6 months after the estimated departure date
  • Return/ onward flight ticket
  • Proof of accommodation, e.g. hotel voucher
  • Sufficient funds for the duration of your stay

White sandy beaches, granite rocks, palm trees

Find dreamlike luxury resorts where you can look out from your infinity pool at the white sandy beaches. The contrasting black granite rocks, palm trees as far as the eye can see and a biodiversity that is unrivaled anywhere in the world. Your UAE expat wedding Seychelles is simply something very special.

The island state in the Indian Ocean consists of 115 islands, which are mainly of coral origin. The exotic republic fulfills the wildest wedding dreams and is at the same time a synonym for wanderlust. Wedding and Honeymoon couples from Dubai or Abu Dhabi find their personal island paradise in Seychelles.

The Seychelles can also be affordable

Getting married in Seychelles does not mean you have to spend a lot of money. Anyone who thinks there are only luxury hotels in the Seychelles is wrong. You can stay in a number of exquisite hostels here, which will continue to be interesting for honeymooners, but it is also much cheaper. So there are guesthouses on every island, which are operated by locals. These are sometimes built like a hotel, sometimes you live in your own small villas, and the beach is either right in front of the door or never far away. Prices start at 55 euros per night.


The beautiful island nation is located between Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius. Bright sunshine over endlessly long, sandy beaches, deserted islands. Turquoise sea, rushing waves and palm trees gently swaying in the warm wind. The Seychelles archipelago is a year-round destination and appeals to couples seeking peace and activities. You will be amazed by the unique flora and fauna. Some places are designated as protected areas and part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Mahé is by far the largest island in the Seychelles, here is also the international airport where your plane from UAE will arrive. The island promises consequently a real island paradise feeling and welcomes you after arrival with beautiful beaches and lush green nature.

Attractions and Things to do

Many secluded bays certainly invite couples to sunbathe on the main island. One of the most attractive beaches is located on the Beau Vallon Bay in the north. Creamy white sand and excellent infrastructure will await you here, the water is calm and rock-free – most noteworthy this is the perfect destination for a wedding couple from UAE. In addition, Mahé also offers restaurants with very different kitchens and excellent shopping opportunities.

Culturally, the island has almost much to offer, such as the National Museum in the capital Victoria. Marriage couples can look at the nearby clock tower, the landmark of the city, visit the colorful Hindu temple of Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the idyllic green marina.

Important data and facts

The Seychelles archipelago is located northeast of Madagascar. The republic consists of 115 islands, which are spread over a sea area of ​​over 400,000 km².

The islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the most important in the country because they have the largest population density. The highest point in the country can be found on Mahé, the Morne Seychellois, which rises 905 m above sea level. There are only a few small settlements on the coral islands due to the low height (highest points at 9 m above sea level) and the lack of drinking water.

The climate is tropical and quite constant due to the proximity to the equator, the temperature fluctuates between 24 ° C and 30 ° C. The amount of precipitation also varies between 2,880 mm in the capital Victoria and 3,550 mm in the mountain regions.

Official languages: Creole, English, French
Capital: Victoria
Form of government: Republic
Population: 90,000
Currency: Seychelles Rupee
Time zone: UTC + 4
Area code: +248

Get the latest COVID-19 travel info

Seychelles has announced the phased easing of travel restrictions. As of 01 August 2020, borders will be open for tourists and wedding couples from UAE.