Seychelles offers everything you’d want on your wedding and honeymoon – stunning white sand beaches, lush vegetation, delish delicacies and heart-warming people.

The beautiful tropical country of Seychelles is surrounded by water, without a stretch of land for miles.  Seychelles is one of the world’s smallest countries located in the Indian Ocean just off the eastern coast of Africa. The population of just 100,000 across its 115 remote islands, so expect peace and space. Picture perfect beaches mostly encircled by coral reefs teeming with marine life. Getting married in Seychelles has a lot to offer.

115 islands as if from a picture book: long white sand beaches, palm trees and crystal clear water. The Seychelles’ atoll enjoys legendary beauty and is not without reason home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the largest raised coral atoll in the world, Aldabra, and the Vallée de Mai Valley on Praslin Island.

Once considered the Garden of Eden for its incomparable splendor. The coral reefs offer divers a breathtaking underwater world that is world famous. Nature is not just picturesque here. It also houses some of the rarest animal and plant species in the world. 50 percent of the land mass is therefore protected. This makes your stay a unique experience.

The inhabitants of this country are called Seychellois and are known for their cosmopolitanism. Their history is marked by traditions and customs of different peoples from Africa, Europe and Asia.

On the so-called “Inner Islands”, which gather around the main island Mahé, lies the cultural center of Seychelles. There is not only the infrastructure best, but also the beaches are the most beautiful. No wonder these islands are the perfect destination for honeymoons and weddings.

The 3 main Islands

The main island of Mahé is home to the capital Victoria, which is as bustling as Seychelles gets. Enjoy the local atmosphere, including the central market, where stalls display fruit, vegetables and fish, while upstairs, tourist shops sell clothing and souvenirs. Visit the Kenwun House, one of the oldest examples of French colonial architecture on the island. At the heart of the capital is the silver-coloured Victoria Clocktower, installed more than 100 years ago as a replica of a clock near Victoria Station in London.

Seychelles’ second most populated island has around 6,500 habitants and is located 45 km from Mahé. Daytrippers come to this granitic island to visit Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve ), one of Seychelles’ most treasured habitats and a living laboratory. The island is also known for the famous Anse Lazio beaches, making it perfect for weddings and honeymoons. A ferry runs from Mahé to Praslin, b it’s possible to fly between the two islands.

La Digue
This is the third most populated island in Seychelles most people here use bicycles to get around on the small island. La Digue can be to reached by boat from Praslin and Mahè. Explore past vanilla plantations, the odd giant tortoise plodding along and charming traditional houses. Beaches here include stunning Anse Source d’Argent, Grand Anse and Anse Coco

What to pack
Aside from your wedding dress you will have relaxed days on beaches or snorkeling require little thought wardrobe-wise so just dress simply and comfortably. Located just below the equator, a holiday in Seychelles is always hot, so pack plenty of sunscreen and hats. Hiking shoes or similar would be useful for the country’s more mountainous terrain if out sightseeing.